& Other Stories, & Other Dreams

Let’s begin right now. I’d like to introduce one of my favorite websites to find and shop very special things.

& Other Stories, that’s the very sweet name H&M picked for its little sister born in 2013. The headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden, and there is an atelier in Paris. You’ve probably already heard about it. They sell ready-to-wear, jewels, bags, shoes, accessories, underwear, so basically everything you need to get an entire and well-studied look. They even have a whole beauty section ! There’s so much to say, I don’t even know where to start ^^


The designers make an amazing job. It seems that structure and study of the line are their main words. Just take a look at their jewelry, it’s pretty obvious. This style “épuré” is all I like. I ordered a necklace and a ring yesterday, I’ll show you in another post.

There’s something I’d like to insist on. The website itself is a pleasure for the eyes. When you get there, you are welcomed with beautiful pictures. Not only of the products they sell, but of flowers, coloured balms, paintings, and even images of the studio ! … That’s very pleasant to look at. And of course the pictures of the clothes and everything are always very very good.

I leave you with the address  http://www.stories.com/fr/ here so you can go and take a look … and maybe shop ! (it’s sale’s season guys come on !) Trust me, you won’t be deceived by the packaging … another good point for & Other Stories !


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