Girls have hair issues

You might understand that thing very well : when you see a lot of fashion pictures, from backstage photographs to magazines covers, you get ideas. When you come across a picture of Nastya Sten, you think cold blonde is amazing, until you see Kati Nescher, and you’re yearning for her dark shiny locks.

Since June, my hair color changed many times. Naturally I have a light brown shade. I began with a blond ombré, then I went totally platinium. I’ve wanted this color for a very long time, so I was so glad. It changed radically, so people were staring in the street, it was a little awkward at the beginning. I’ve made plenty of pictures to immortalize this color 😀 ! And then, some weeks ago, I went to my hairstylist Julie and choose … a black shade. Yes, definitely too many fashion pictures on my mind ! Sometimes I miss my silvery blond but it was kind of difficult to maintain, and I really like my color now.

Here are some pictures to show you my hair history ^^. Let me know what you think in the comments below guys 🙂

T3                        T3

T3                      T3


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