One thing about myself

Hey guys 🙂

Today, I wanna tell you more about me. Through my articles and the pictures I like, maybe you have grasped a little bit of my tastes and personality. You may have noticed, I have a few piercings and tattoos 🙂 You know I love clothes, and I think these are little additions to my style. I like to have a “masculin-féminin” outfit with a blazer and roll up my sleeves to show my forearms for instance. When I wear a top with a lace scalloped collar, I like the constrast it makes with my nose piercing.

I began 3 years ago with a Kandinsky tattoo on my left wrist. I love this Russian artist : I wanted a tattoo, so I studied his work to find a pattern. “Trente” is the perfect one.



The next tattoo was inked last year. You know how I love &Other Stories website ^^ They have an original presentation for their products. So I picked a lip pencil mark and brought it to my tattoo artist. Here is the result : a beautiful pink tattoo on my other wrist ❤

    0158939002_2_100011     1795261_270092616492871_1325606261_o

My third tattoo is a bit special : I asked Lou (here is her fb page ) for an animal head and two arrows. She designed a very cute red panda for me, which I absolutely love !


As for my piercings, it’s a bit different. My first one was in July, in a nostril (you can see it my post about my hair). But I removed it two weeks ago when I put a ring for my septum. I got a ring at my right ear for my conch and another one at my left ear for my tragus.

T3   T3   T3

I know it seems a lot ^^ I will stop here for facial piercings. I have other plans for my tattoos, but I will wait some months before going for another one. It was a surprise for my friends, because well actually I don’t really like tattoos : it depends on the designs. I like the few I have (of course !) because they are original and cute. Same thing for piercings : nobody would ever have bet I would have my nose pierced ! At first I really hated it, but I saw this pic of Nastya Sten :

Charlotte Carey, Victoria Brito, Solomiya Zgoda, Nastya Sten And Vickie Sorensen By Christian Macdonald For Teen Vogue February 2014 1

And I was like “okay it doesn’t look bad at all on this girl, I am gonna give it a try”. I did and was pleased by the result 🙂 That’s exactly what I meant when I told you about the constrast between a cute, white top and a piercing who seems a bit punk.

Here, now you have learnt one good thing about me 😀 Hope you liked this article, see you soon xx


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