Introducing “The Model Alliance”

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Today I want to tell you more about the modeling industry. We know very well that things are not as they seem, and that being a model is not  about leading a glamorous life. Those girls work hard to be on the runway and on magazines. First, I want to make sure you understand I do not do generalities : some careers can be lead in an healthy way, while other are more difficult. I can’t stand people stating that every girl in there is anorexic or is on drugs. No no, each case is a different one. I may sound a bit idealistic, but I am sure there are still some agencies that truly care about their models and can prevent some dangerous behaviors. Why can’t models be safe at job ? Because yes, modeling is a job, and you should be able to do it in good conditions.

And that’s the point of my post : the creation of The Model Alliance. It is a non-profit association founded a couple of years ago by former model Sara Ziff and some of her fellows (Coco Rocha for instance). She knows what she is talking about as she went through many hardships during her career. The Model Alliance wants to fight against sexual abuse, encouraged eating disorders, disregarded child labor laws and financial issues the girls are facing everyday. On their website, you can find many ressources about those topics. Any model can ask for help and discuss privately with someone to support her and maybe find a solution to her problem.

But that’s not the only thing the Model Alliance does. Sara Ziff has made a documentary about this hard life in modeling, showing a darker side of the industry and the damages it can inflict on young and unaware girls. Plus, they act : they manage to change the situation. Indeed, in 2013, a bill about child labor for models under 16 was approuved in New-York. Their conditions of work are now the same than any other child performer, which seems logical, but was not the case before they arrived. With our support, they could really improve the way models are treated.

Here are a few links if you want more information


I really wanted to share this with you, it’s so important for the future of the modeling industry ! Don’t forget, they are human beings and therefore deserve some respect on their workplace.



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