“Fashion Blogs”, 2010

Hey guys, you alright 🙂 ?

Having written a thesis about fashion photography, and simply being fascinated by the topic in general, I’ve come to form a collection of books (and magazines) about fashion. I remember the first one : it was during summer 2012, when I decided to start my master. Its name is “Fashion Blogs, from musings on personal taste to style reports around the globe” and the authors are the very talented Kristin Hanssen, Felicia Nitzsche and Elina Tozzi. Unfortunately, the book in its paper version was very quickly sold out, and no more printing was planned. Therefore they put the digital version online so we could still have a chance to buy and read it. You can find it here : http://fashionblogs-thebook.blogspot.fr/


I was very excited to get this really cool book about fashion blogs, and its content did not disappoint me at all. At the beginning we go through a foreword and an introduction about the blogging phenomena and its issues. Then the girls went to interview more than 30 influent bloggers, who shares their tips, their favorite blogs and their motivation to do this. Weird I didn’t start my blog sooner, but well I was just beginning to learn about the different faces of fashion, so it would not have been as … “good” as it is now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pretend White and Pink peony is a super fashion blog, I just mean that back then I didn’t have the knowledge to make it work.

So if you are in love with the blogosphere, this book might interest you. So go for it, seriously 😉

I share some linksif you wanna know more about the girls who came up with the concept :

Kirstin Hanssen : http://kirstinhanssen.nl/

Felicia Nitzsche : http://www.felicianitzsche.com/

FB link : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fashion-Blogs/379059568292

That’s it guys 🙂 I can’t wait to show you more of my fashion books !



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