1920s cloche …

Hey !

Good news today 🙂 I finally got a good camera, so I can take nice pictures of what is hanging in my closet. Let’s begin with an item I really like : my green cloche hat.

IMGP9867 IMGP9869 IMGP9872

I bought it in a retro shop in Clermont-Ferrand, “Le Boudoir Froufrou”. I love this boutique, there is a vintage atmosphere, all pink and zebra and glitter 🙂 They sell vintage dresses from British brand Lindy Bop, lingerie from Dita Von Teese (yes they do ❤ ) and have some jewels, gloves, clutches and hats. They can even turn you into a real pin-up for a photoshoot : a friend of mine went there, we organized that for her birthday, and she was beyond happy 😀

I let you all the links (I have no idea if I got readers from Auvergne, but well if you come in Clermont, you must go and see that !)



I instantly fell in love with this green hat. The detail with the pearl is so cute. As I was reading The Great Gatsby for my English classes, I was in the mood for this ^^

Let me know what you think and click on the links above please 😉



EDIT : you know what ? I went to the boutique two days ago and I found the same hat in black ! So hurry !


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