British brand “Rock’n’rose” rocks all things about roses

HI folks !

Reading an old wishlist I made some months ago, I came across an item I really really want : a big crown from Rock’n’Rose.

Okay first the link to the website :

It is a British brand founded in 2007. It is all about vintage jewels and nice festival crowns. And they are hand-made please ! Jess and Emily Jane Lathan work with a little team to make this nice treasures. They spend a lot of time in vintage shops to offer us a great choice of jewels and sometimes exclusive sales 🙂

Actually I already have an item from them, a very nice purple roses crown.




Their facebook page is pretty cool too :

Actually if there was an office I would like to visit, RnR would be in my top 3 easily. The pictures they take and put on fb are always beautiful and we feel like there is a good vibe in there. Creative atmosphere at its best 😉

So go and take a peek, you won’t regret I promise 🙂




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