Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hi everyone, how are you 🙂 ?

Today I’m gonna write a very special post. It’s about, like the title says, the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”.


Yesterday I received a notification in which Maria from told me she had nominated me for this award. It seems that’s a great reward, and I’m glad she thought my blog was good enough to receive it. Thank you Maria for liking what I do here on White and Pink Peony !

So let’s continue with the rules :

– First, you have to thank the blogger who nominated you

– Then you list the rules and display the pic above (that’s basically what I’m doing right now ^^)

– You have to share seven facts about yourself

– Finally you can nominate the bloggers you like and let them know by commenting on their blog

7 facts about me ? Well …

– I’ve studied History of Art for 5 years

– I love animals in general but have a soft spot for lil’ rodents : I have a Guinea pig called Moschino and a rabbit called Cléo

– I have many beautiful and big books about artists and fashion, but I never have the time to read them carefully 😦

– I love video games. Yes, nothing better than playing Skyrim or Fire Emblem 😉

– I can’t go to bed early, I can’t sleep and I feel more inspired when I write in the evening

– This year I had my literary revelation : The Great Gatsby, by Fitzgerald

– One of my favorite singer is Agnes Obel, and when I listen to “Aventine” I can’t help but think about Valentino 🙂

And my favorite blogs are …  (in Spanish)

Trust me they are worth your time 🙂

So thanks again to Maria, and to everyone who visit White and Pink Peony. This blog is only five weeks old and I’m glad I already have a nice audience. I want each post to be better than the previous one, it’s a lot of work (of course you know that) and for now it’s totally paying off 🙂





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