Milan Fashion Week FW 2015-2016 part III

Hi everyone, doin’ fine ?

I still have more collections to share with you, so 3rd part of the Milanese edition is up !

Let’s begin with a classic. THE show you cannot miss. Yes : Dolce&Gabbana. It’s so famous that you cannot hear “Milan” without thinking about them.

Looks like the moms were at the heart of the collection. Pregnant Bianca Balti, their muse, was there, looking radiant. Actually, there was nothing new : black and red lace dresses, same cuts, capes, roses … Kinda expected. The last part featured “painted” (well I have no idea if the fabric was really painted oor just printed) garnment. We can easily tell these are drawings made by little children. Do I find it cute ? Too childish ?I liked this collection a little bit less than the previous ones, but well, this is a classical Dolce&Gabbana show.

MSGM  is a brand I haven’t really paid attention before. It’s the first time they catch my eyes.

And I think it’s cool. Maybe you’ll think it’s weird for me to like this. I love the fantasy of the eighth coat, with those colorful hearts added to the main fabric. Everything looks cosy, and the colors they picked work really well together. Proof you can be very original with a basic coat 😉

Salvatore Ferragamo‘s collections are another example of the “chic à l’italienne”, like many other brands actually.

Here they gives us a nice show with coats, and fabulous long dresses. The color scheme was very good : forest green, ochre, red and black. I love the loose dress Lexi wears. You have to keep it simple to be elegant 🙂 Plus, the heels were very structured and contemporary. Well, another good point for this fashion house 🙂

I think there will be another post about Milan. Maybe two, I don’t know. There were many good things yesterday, that I really want to show you. So it will be longer than what I told you last time. So keep up on White and Pink Peony !




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