Milan Fashion Week FW 2015-2016 part IV

Another post today !

As you already know, I am going to Paris tomorrow. I leave at 1 PM, so I would like to finish with Milan in the morning. So here is the 4th post 🙂

I’ve always liked Jil Sander : typical working gril, chic and classy. They offer nice basics, I love the way the pair heavy knitwear with long skirts (I remember a lookbook with Nastya Sten, and it was so cool !).

Winter means long coats. These are beautiful. I love the color of the last one. The first look here is a twist of the classical tuxedo, and is amazing. There is a trend we saw last year on the runway : dresses over trousers. I think it looks very nice, and this collection makes me like it even more. The sleeveless coat reminds me of Narciso Rodriguez’s.

Bally is another brand I didn’t know very well. I think I must have came across some campaigs, and thought it was nice, but I never looked for much.

I find this collection SO cool ! The color scheme is really nice, and weirdly enough the mix of yellow, purple and deep green is nice ! It’s stylish, every look is carefully created. I adore the one with the wide trousers and the coat worn over the shoulders. The shoes and the bags are very pretty too. That’s a hit for me, I love 😀 !

Another great discovery of the season for me is Gabriele Colangelo. I know nothing of her, I just know that what she created for this fashion week matches my tastes very well 🙂

There’s something very Victoria Beckham about this ^^ She worked with a few colors, to make bichromatic outfits. I really like the drapés. Makes you wanna cuddle in a comfy and cosy outfit when it’s cold outside 🙂 The cuts are really good. Seriously, that’s a nice collection.

See you soon for the end of my favorite looks from #mfw !




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