Paris Fashion Week FW 2015-2016 part I

Hi guys 🙂

The first post of the Parisian edition is finally up ! Let’s go and watch what happened there.


Jacquemus‘ collection was totally crazy. As always, he deconstructs clothes in a mischievous way. But this time, I feel he went more serious. Just look.

I think it a a degree above his previous works. No more playing with youngness and pops of colors, but a real focus on the “architecture” of the garment. A new way to cut. Here some models walked half naked on the runway, just wearing very loose trousers and a pair of suspenders. I adore the half tuxedo, half bustier-skirt look, really original. That is typically the “unwearable” thing, but still I’d love to test drive it :p The make-up played an important part to. You can see that some girls had a face painted on the side of their actual face ^^, while others wore a kind a mask hiding them. Another thing : no shoes please ! Well it’s part of the whole thing. To me this show is fascinating and it’s always good to have Jacquemus in our fashion imagination.

Cédric Charlier

Cédric Charlier is way more classical of course ^^ . I like him. Great basics, interesting cuts … but it has a little something more than that I can’t hardly explain. It just works.

I love the forms, but also the colors. Who could have thought blue, green and pink work so well together ? The mix is a success. The first look worn by Nastya is so cool, the lenght of the trousers is perfect. The bags and the are nice too. Actually, there was a part near the end of the show with dresses I didn’t really like. But overall, it was a good collection, once again 🙂

Christophe Lemaire

I think there’s no need for me to introduce him. It is special to me because it was my first fashion show ever. Once again I’d like to thank the person who gave me the invitation and thank the people who let me in ^^ I was a little impressed by the whole thing. 

So so pretty. Objectively, I admit there was nothing really new. You could easily recognize Lemaire and Tran’s style. I am fan of the proportions, with long garments and oversize statements. Well, you understand that’s what I like so I am very excited about this collection 🙂 The drapés were as beautiful as ever, cosy outfits and I really like the dress worn by Ros.






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