Paris Fashion Week FW 2015-2016 part II

Hi dear readers,

I know I’m a little bit late with fashion shows reviews. I’m trying to catch up right now, with four nice collections 🙂 There might be another post about #pfw today. Either street style, either my favorite shows. Don’t know yet. Anyway, let’s begin !


When I began to work seriously about fashion, Rochas quickly became one of my favorite French fashion house. Pretty, romantic ans researched designs, it’s always great to look at.

Once again it was good. Some outfits really stand out. I love the fact that we have many long dresses and coats. The first one is beautiful. The bow added on the others is kinda cute 🙂 The see-through dresses are nice. The last one worn by Jamie has a beautiful print.

Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is another proof (if needed) that the “Ecole anversoise” is very very good at making original clothes. I am a big fan of all those belgian designers coming in France to show us what they can do.

Seriously I love it. Too bad it was full so I couldn’t go in 😦 We saw mostly head-to-toe black. There were some red and white pieces, but I didn’t like them very much. Those six outfits are so intense. Like the structure, the layering … basically everything ^^ This is typically the kind of silhouette I want to wear. Plus the beauty look is amazing. They deliver, at Ann D. 😉


Olivier Rousteing’s collections are always about confidence and strenght. Weirdly enough, that’s not something I’d wear, because it just would’t look good on me I think, but I like to watch his collections. This one didn’t disappoint.

The thing I like the most is that we recognize his style, very structured, but it doesn’t feel like déjà-vu, it’s not repetitive. It’s a new collection by Rousteing. That’s a striking fact to me. I love the look Constance wears. Even if he used lace (so well, it’s see-through), I think it’s not vulgar at all. Seriously I love those trousers and wearing them with high waisted pants is sooo cool, but can you actually wear that on the street ? Gonna be complicated, and it sucks because I’d love too 😉





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