Street style at the Paris Fashion Week, day 5

Hi guys 🙂

The Fashion Week in Paris is going on, and I’m trying to go and take pictures everywhere I can. It’s a bit tiring, but even if I cannot enter the shows it’s cool to be outside and watch people go by 🙂 Yestersday, I began with Mugler at midday then Elie Saab in the afternoon. Lucky were the people who went to the Acne show’s location : it was at the Centre Pompidou in Beaubourg, and it was a really nice surprise because we could see the show from outside !  I was on time to see the rehearsal and the first row sitting : Emmanuelle Alt, Solange Knowles, Anna dello Russo, Garance Doré … Great !

R0010582 R0010586 R0010593 R0010599 R0010607 R0010611 R0010616 R0010618 R0010622 R0010623 R0010626 R0010637 R0010638 R0010640 R0010642 R0010648

Next post will be about collections, coming soon 😉



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