Paris Fashion Week FW 2015-2016 part IV

Hello dear readers

Let’s continue right now with the fourth part of the Parisian series 🙂


Viktor&Rolf are genius. You probably remember their last Couture show, I made a post in which they featured. They’ve decided to stop their rtw collections, so I guess it’s their last one.

I enjoy this presentation. There’s a lot of embellishments, so important that it hides the actual outfit. The deconstructed suit is rather cool (or is it a dress ? I cannot tell). I LOVE the grey dress Jamie wears. Not the everyday bustier gown, even if there is many information on this it looks very good in my opinion. Nice final one 🙂


It is a brand I discovered last year, and I instantely became a fan. I loved the polished, workwear looks. I was very eager to see what they had in store for FW 2015-2016.

I think it is awesome. I love, this is seriously chic. The grey and black outfits are perfectly cut. And who could have thought this kind of shoes would look so well with this ? The third one is more like The Row or Lemaire, something large and comfy 🙂 Well what can I add ? Plus the pictures are great ! Hedvig Palm is working a lot this season and I’m glad for her. Theory is definitely a fashion house to watch closely, this collection is another proof !


Okay usually I like Ricardo’s collections, but this one is even better. 

I love the Victorian imagery he has drawn into for the first looks. The navy coat is beautiful. The long gown are soooo nice. Not too sexy and very chic, that’s great. On tFs forums, I read many people got distracted by the facial ornaments. Yes, it was kinda heavy and no way to miss this beauty look ^^ Weirdly enough, I think it looked good with those kind of clothes. Very theatrical. I really enjoyed this !

Olympia Le-Tan

I wanted to post some lines about Olympia Le-Tan. This designer always makes original collections, so I couldn’t miss her 🙂

Once more the clothes were half way between the costume and the special-but-wearable :p I like those three looks a lot, the prints are so cute and the silhouettes are good.


Well, another post will bu up before the end of the day, so stay here please !




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