Paris Fashion Week FW 2015-2016 part V

Hey, are you still here ?

The fifth part is already online. And there are so many good collections in Paris, it’s certainly not the last article about it 🙂

Stella McCartney

I really like this British designer. I’m very enthusiastic about her collection. The first looks are kinda expected from her, asymetric and layering knitwear, large tuxedos, well Stella’s basics. I was kinda surprised by the last ones : they really are good for the night. The black dress is so chic ! The cut is original. Stella created a hit, and it’s good to see that !


Hermès Hermès. You know how impatient I was to see that. This is the first collection from new creative director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski (working at The Row). As I love her and the French house, I was expecting a lot from this.

Okay I think this is good. But I am sure she can do even better than that 😉 Everything looks very confortable, yet classy. Each outfit is easy to read, we are not overwhelmed by too much layering (not at all in fact). The colors are nice : the red she choose in the 6th picture is beautiful and it works perfectly well on a coat. I understand a first collection can be a big challenge, and I am not saying she failed. I think it’s a shy beginning. She respects the brand, and maybe that is what they wanted from her, but I’d love to see more of her own style. Oh, and the shoes and bags are beautiful, seriously 😉

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli is an Italian designer I like very much. His collections are feminine and graphic at the same time. His Couture creations are amazing, espacially FW 2014-2015, go and take a peek if you’ve never seen it 😉

What I like about him is that he goes further than “the pretty dress” and the classical coat : there’s a real research about form, cut, prints, colors behind all of his looks. Here the first one is composed of a dress worn over trousers, with light geometrical prints and a big belt. After that we have a little dress with a high collar. Then a white and blue fur coat. I love this diversity and creativity. This collection is GOOD !

Oh my, good stuff is coming so fast I barely have the time to write properly about them ! I try to keep up the pace, but it’s difficult. I’m a little less focused on the text, but I hope the quality is okay 🙂




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