Street style at the Paris Fashion Week, day 8

Hey 🙂 I’ve just come back from the Tuileries, where the Valentino show took place. I knew it was just impossible for me to go in, but I wanted to see what was going on around. A white carpet was on the ground and lead us towards the entrance of the show. There were many many stylish people, so I took a lot of pictures (it was kinda hard among all the pros ^^). I was sooo glad to see Miroslava Duma, Emmanuelle Alt and some models, great moment !

R0010684 R0010687 R0010689 R0010695 R0010696 R0010699 R0010708 R0010709 R0010710 R0010714 R0010715 R0010716 R0010719 R0010720 R0010721 R0010722 R0010725 R0010727

After that, I went to the &Other Stories shop rue Saint-Honoré. I had never seen the store, that’s something I really wanted to do this week 🙂 and it was so cool ! A beautiful place, with an interesting visual merchandising. Please take some minutes to stop by, it’s totally worth it !




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