Paris Fashion Week FW 2015-2016 part VI and a conclusion

Hey dear readers !

It’s the last FW review for the season. Yep, the Fashion Month ended yesterday. So here are the last collections that caught my eyes 🙂


Valentino is one of them, of course it is ! You know how I feel about the work of Italian designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli. I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for FW 2015-2016.

Not surprising if I say it’s a VERY good collection. Long embellished and see-through dresses are my thing after all ^^ The structure is very present in each look. I find it less repetitive than the previous collections. Of course you recognize their style, but there are some news elements, like sleeves, collars, bows … very pretty. You must already know that the show ended in a special way : ZOOLANDER please !! :p never thought it would happen in a Valentino show, but why not ? Funny closing, but let’s not forget about the actual collection 😉

Valentin Yudashkin

Valentin Yudashkin is a name I’ve already heard, and I’ve probably seen his designs but was not stunned. Still, I’ve taken a peek at what he did and thought it was kind of nice :

The main colors are black, red and orange. I’ve seen them a lot this month, so I think they will be everywhere in some months. To talk more about this collection, I really think it’s good : the long evening gowns are well adorned, well executed. Many pieces were ornated with brocades, very chic and couture.


Sooo, how do I feel after this whole fashion month ?

If you’ve followed me through the reviews, you may already have understood that I was a bit disappointed with London. I was expecting a lot from Burberry, Pilotto … and well it wasn’t their best collections. Of course, I enjoyed New-York so much that London looked bland next to it. But still … it was not matching my tastes.

I was thrilled by what I saw in New-York. I think I made more than 6 posts about this as there was so many good stuff ! Milan was good too, and Paris of course. They all delivered stylish outfits that I’d already wear (yep, the problem of fashion going too fast … maybe I’ll write about it someday).

I made some cool discoveries : Ryan Roche in NY, Louisa Beccaria in Milan and Ellery in Paris. After some research for the last one, I found out that Kym Ellery is an Australian designer, who attended the Central St Martins College in London and worked for RUSSH magazine (very good btw). I went to her website and saw the SS 2015 ad campaign, starring Malgosia Bela in some seriously cool clothes. Definitely something to watch.

See you soon with new posts !




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