Hi guys ! Still going on with my newly-found old pictures ^^

This one is an attempt at streetstyling, yes yes ! I took this 4 years ago while thinking “if I had a blog I would totally post this 😀 “. And I admit that even now, I’m kinda proud about this outfit (which surprised me cause I changed a bit since then).

I like the autumnal color scheme. I bought this velvet trousers at Somewhere when I was 12 (I was already 1,68cm). He had  slept in my wardrobe for years. One day I had a sudden idea and felt the urge to dye it burgundy (it was light grey at first). After that I wore it many many times, and I still do 🙂 I stole borrowed the sweater from my big brother, and the blazer is from … Zara 🙂 I am fond of my bag : I had just got it by the time I took the pic, it’s from Leather Satchel Company. It’s a brand specialized on leather bags as the name indicates, and is based in the UK. All their produtcs are made in their british ateliers. I purchased it on ASOS.com ( http://www.asos.com/search/leather-satchel-company?q=leather+satchel+company ). Finally, the trainers are from the French brand Aigle. They are very light and perfect for summertime. I put this outfit on September, so the sun was still out but the temperature was beginning to fall down. The association of those shoes with a velvet trousers may seem a bit daring, but actually it works pretty well !


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