That 90s show






Okay I admit sometimes, I cross the boundaries of my minimalistic habits and wander through the 90s revival … This summer the trend is more relevant than ever, as we are witnessing the come back of those “tattoo” necklaces. I remember I had two when I was 6, but I didn’t keep them. Indeed, about a year after I got them, I was cleaning my room and my mom asked me if I still wanted them in my jewelry box, and I said something like “oh God what the hell, let’s get rid of this thing !!”. Pretty much. That’s what you call a crush, because it didn’t last very long. And now, 17 years later, I find myself wearing this fake (and embellished) tattoo around my neck again. I’d never thought I’d do that one day ^^ But this good old vibe is pretty nice I think ! Time to have fun with our souvenirs 😉

T-shirt from Zara, hat from H&M, necklace from Claire’s


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