“High heels off, I’m feeling alive”

Hello how are you ??

It is time to tell you about a new opportunity I’ve been offered. White and Pink Peony has been spotted by Farfetch, a London-based society selling luxury items online. I admit I had never heard of it before, but I think it looks a bit like Net-à-Porter. Of course I’ve taken a look at the website, and I find it pretty nice. It’s not a mere e-commerce platform, they display other contents like pictures and articles. We are a good match together, that why I’ve agreed to display their nice watercolour infographic to tell you about the edgiest trends of the season !

First, some terminology 🙂 I’d like to say I am not really a fan of the word “trend”. To me, it refers to an aspect of fashion often pointed negatively at, the fact that taste changes every season. And here we go with annoying sayings like “following fashion and trends is soooo frivolous and superficial”, you’ve probably already heard that. This pejorative view on fashion bother me a lot, because when you really know what you are talking about, it’s obviously not meaningless. If you take a closer look at each shows in one season, you realize that you can find everything : even if magazines tell you burgundy is the hit color, some designers have used deep green or navy blue for their collections. You have all kinds of cuts, colors, prints, lenghts … it depends on the designer’s taste at first. You can always find something you like. Obviously when you are trying to make a synthesis, some tendancies will appear and take the lead, that what we call a trend (it’s the simplified version, things are actually a bit more complicated when it comes to creating trends). Plus, some of these tendancies last longer than a season ! So I’ll use the word “trend” for lack of a better expression, but I just wanted to share my thoughts about it before going further 🙂 .

Now here we go ! For now we are going to talk about flat shoes.

new-wave 4

As a girl who cannot walk with 4 inches heels, I am fond of this trend. Okay let’s settle things : I like stilettos. I have a very nice pointed leather pair from Zara you might have already seen but it’s sleeping in my wardrobe. The only moment I could wear them would be on a special occassion, inside, when I don’t have to walk more than 20 meters. So not very often … Actually I can make a few steps, but don’t ask me to do more ! I wore them at my cousin’s wedding, and after a couple of hours I looked like Bambi trying to do something with its legs. Way to smash your confidence 🙂 I knew it would happen so I had taken my pink suede slippers in the car, and never felt so relieved to have bought them. So I’d rather be playing safe.

Dear Zara heels ...
Dear Zara heels …

Two answers : going for block heels, rather stable, or undertake a 180° shift … About four years ago landed a shoe trend that meant salvation for me. The point is that you can look chic with flats. No joke. It began with derbies (this pair from Mellow Yellow is the “funkiest” pair ever, seriously), then loafers, sleepers and other borrowings from the masculine footwear. I have four of them and I love wearing them. It’s probably the easiest way to upgrade any outfit. Even when I wear jeans and basic knitwear, I can make it sophisticated with this kind of shoes. Many of my favorite designers embraced this trend, and they do it so well that they would convert the most recalcitrant ones. Even Victoria Beckham, who once said she couldn’t “concentrate in flats !”, fell for them.

Mellow Yellow derbies
Mellow Yellow derbies
My lovely black mocassins

Then the trainers came in at the Chanel Haute-Couture SS 2014 show. They were associated with sparkling and light-coloured tweed dresses. It was a bit surprising at first, but it was so funny to see the models running in the stairs :p (I think they are in love with this trend too ^^). It clearly changed the idea we had of this running shoe. Now it is not just something you put on when you’re late or to go to the gym, it is really a way to be cool and stylish.

Here is my selection from Farfetch ! They have a nice range of flats, you’ll easily find a pair you like. You can find them online here .

farf chris kane farf hogan farf jimmy choofarf lanvin farf proenza schouler farf salvatore ferragamo

So don’t feel bad if you cannot walk in high heels ! Actually the alternative might be even better 😉

Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think about the topic in the comments below !




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