Masculin, féminin, just dress as you like

Hi guys !

Let’s continue our series about Farfetch ‘s styling obsessions 🙂

new-wave 1

Mixing masculin/féminin is not new. Yves Saint-Laurent created THE smoking, a tuxedo for his womenswear collection in 1966, and we still love it today. It has become a must-have in our wardrobes. It might be one of his greatest style legacy, and Hedi Slimane understood it very well 🙂 We are used to see women wearing blazers borrowed from our guys’ dressing, whether it’s the close or loose-fitting version.

I am totally into this concept of “neutral”. When you use this word, I think it means you should dress accordingly to your tastes, not to your gender or what society expect you to wear. Forget about the codes, forget about the famous “oh, this fluffy dress is soooo cute, so girly !” or “why aren’t you wearing short skirts instead of your ugly large shapeless stuff ? You’re so weird !” or “you’re not feminine enough !”. I’ve heard these sentences many many times and it used to make me upset. When you’ve watched a lot of fashion images, you are building up a sort of corpus inside your mind, and it gives you a lot of style ideas. As the fashion industry is very creative there are many things to explore, so your style may be a bit out of the norm compared to what you usually see in the street.

H&M blazer

So do what you please you. It’s okay to wear oversize clothing people will compare to a “sack of patatoes” if you like it and think it’s chic ! For an important event don’t hesitate to rock a black tuxedo instead of a frilly princessdress, please !! And if you’re a guy, you can even further and do like Marc Jacobs : put on a womenswear Prada coat 😀

What do you think about androgynous looks ?




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