Is that really a bag !?

Hey hey, how are you ?

Today we are going to talk about bags and clutches ! I think I’ve never written about this topic on my blog. Not because of a lack of interest, I do like bags and clutches, but I don’t own a lot of them. I have two totes from Mango, a brown and a beige (I often take the first one in winter and the other in summer). I have a leather satchel, very practical to carry my notebooks when I go to the university. Then I have a smaller one, given to me by my mother. These are the four I use very often. Actually that’s a field in which I am very reasonable. Even if there are many designs I like, I won’t buy one on a sudden impulse.

new-wave 8

Bags can be a medium for wild creativity. When I’ve discovered this watercolor I couldn’t help but think about dear Olympia Le-Tan. Her designs are incredible and outstanding. She oftens makes book-like minaudières as literature is one of her passions.

Gatsby clutch ❤

I remember the famous Chanel lego clutch too 😀 I love it so much ! It has been declined in many many versions over the seasons : first in plastic, plexiglas, then tweed. Truly an iconic clutch of the 2010s.

I’ve picked other awesome designs for you. Creativity has no boundaries when it comes to clutches and it’s so cool to see that ! I like wandering through online stores to have a glimpse of what has been done recently. I personally adore the second one, it reminds me of the floral arrangements we could spot on a balcony in summer 🙂

moschino     dolce   anya

anya 2    serpui  olympia

Respectively Moschino, Dolce&Gabbana, Anya Hindmarch (pencil and crisp packet), Serpui and finally Olympia Le Tan.

Would you wear such a bag ? What is your favorite form ? Let me know in the comments 🙂




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