Messy hair on top

Hi everyone

This Wednesday, I’m going to show you something a bit different. It’s not about clothes or accessories, but hair.

new-wave 7

People tend to believe fashion shows mean complicated and sophisticated hairstyle, but that’s not true. Many designers send their girls on the runway with their hair worn down, with an effortless style. Of course there are some hairstylists backstage to take care of it, but the result is very natural. Chloé often choses this option by the way.


Personally I always wear my hair like this. I’m really not into hairstraighteners or anything. At the very beginning of White and Pink Peony I made a short post about my beauty routine. I told you about how I like my hair messy and undone. It hasn’t changed since then. On other articles, I’ve shared with you several pictures of my hair, so you know how it looks ^^. I think it’s better to let them as they are, curly if they’ve always been curly or wavy, and do something cool with a haircut and a color.

What do you think about messy hair ? Do you let them free or do you use a lot of products and tools ?




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