Layering is not a trend, it is an art

Hey dear readers 😉

Hope you are doing well. Wednesday means a new Farfetch watercolor, and this time we are going to discuss about layers.

new-wave 2

Let’s start with the beginning guys. At first, like the infographic says, layering was a way not to get cold. When it’s freezing outside, you can content yourself with two cashmere shirts hidden underneath your big woolen turtleneck, but you’re worth more than that. Be bold and don’t hesitate to let every pieces of your look be visible.

Layering in winter is easy. I often dress like this. An oversize coat is definitely something to have. A large woolen scarf is a great item too : there are many ways to wear it, you can put it casually on your shoulders, or hold it with a belt. Let your creativity talk !

But you can do the same kind of styling with lighter fabrics ! In summer there are other ways to do layering. I’ve wandered through Farfetch website for you and here is a little selection I’ve made.

the row

That beautiful sleeveless coat is from The Row. I love the way they have styled it. A long dress underneath is perfect. It should be longer than the coat, under the knee. A kimono cut is very nice because it enhances the Japanese vibe. If you want to add some accessories, stay minimalist. A long and thin earring will suit very well.

      10988638_4760666_1000  11043087_5026054_1000  11057833_5096844_1000

Keep it polished in black and white : this pretty see-through top is awesome for layering. First, choose a nice bra to wear underneath : it can be a simple bandeau, or a more sophisticated lace triangle one. Then you can upgrade the look by wearing a sleeveless blazer, like this model from Balmain. Don’t hesitate to find high waisted pants and put the shirt inside it. If you like oversize looks, these Robert Cavalli culottes will work.

      11062186_5144036_1000  11046991_5038673_1000  11034002_5023070_1000

If you are not afraid to be bold, try this : I’ve found this super cool white blouse. I had never seen anything like this, I’m sure it can become an amazing piece in your wardrobe !  This item in itself is already a statement, but you can go even further with this cropped jacket from Roksanda. A classy blue/grey pair of skinny trousers can be a good match for this long blouse. A pair of loafers will keep the masculin/féminin side of the whole thing.

What do you think ? What kind of layering do you like ? Let me know in the comments below !




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