Falling for pyrite

Hello guys

I often see Vogue Paris news in my fb timeline. Something usual to most of us I think, but one of them really caught my attention last week. It was about jewels made of raw stones, more specifically pyrite.

If there’s something I love, it’s stone jewels. I find them beautiful and each time I can get one, I do. I have these marble-like earrings from & Other Stories and the Mango ring I showed you recently which I really like. I also bought a stunning quartz necklace from Comète (they create other models with pyrite too).

Pyrite, nicknamed “fool’s gold” is made of iron. I love the color and the golden sparkle it has. I’m not a fan of big shining jewels, but I think this kind of stones is totally chic and very original.

Other examples for you : here is a little selection from Etsy ! Respectively bangles, cuffs and bobby pins and pendant.

il_570xN.603586465_jjxc    il_570xN.790796097_85ik                 il_570xN.634012526_4f57   il_570xN.535280804_hfuh

Do you like it too ?




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