Add several bags

Hey everyone 🙂

Let’s keep going with our Farfetch series. Today, we’ll talk about bags, once more. I already wrote an article three weeks ago, in which I showed you original clutches, almost eccentric but definitely awesome. The trend we’ll discuss today brings them to the next level.

new-wave 6

That’s like a combination of bags and layering (this one was last week 🙂 ). To be honest I had no idea this trend existed before seeing the infographic. It still seems edgy and not very common, so finding pictures of real life examples is difficult. Thank Goodness Anna Dello Russo exists, and she is quite reliable when it comes to fashion obsessions 😉 You will easily find street style pictures of her with bag layers.

I must admit the concept looks pretty cool. Three little bags, a great impact. From an aesthetic point of view, the harmony she created is perfect. I feel like there are some kind of rules (even if I know fashion and style are about breaking them) to get from that picture.

Three seems the ideal number. Wherever in photography (thirds law), in architecture, in floral composition … this odd number works. If you think about bag layering, I’m sure you’ll find two is not enough and four is too much. Find the balance, in shapes and colors. I think you can go for four hues, if you got one very colorful clutch it is okay. One more thing : mix the styles. I’m not sure putting a pencil, a camera and a crisp packet together would look good ^^.

Of course you cannot do it with large, tote bags. It will catch the attention and disturb the balance of your silhouette, but not in a good way. Be careful about the lenght of the handles too : here it is good, the white bag is not hidden by the others because their handle is long enough.

On the watercolor, the setting is different, but it can be a nice idea too : if you cannot decide which color you like the best, take all three ! Then play with the lenght of the strap if you wear them at your shoulder 🙂

One thing to conclude : have fun and be creative 😉




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