Alberta Ferretti Semi-Couture SS 2016

Hi !

You know in the fashion industry, designers have to produce more and more collections each season, and it’s kind of easy to get lost into them. I’ve just found out something new, called “semi-couture”. So maybe I’ve lived in a shelter in the middle of the woods for the past years, but that’s the second time I heard of this category.

Anyway, the point is that Italian designer Alberta Ferretti created something beautiful.

The collection is composed of 25 outfits. I love this XVIII-XIXth inspired décor the dresses have, and the fact they are shot in the same kind of apartment is awesome. The golden and green hues are very nice. Talking about mise en abyme … I tend to love minimalism, but when a long couture dress is pretty, I can admit it 😉 These heavily printed pieces must be hard to wear, even for a big ceremony ! That’s typically the kind you want, but rather as a work of art to exhibit than in your wardrobe. When we tell you that fashion is an art and gets inspired from the other forms of art …




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