Not for the old lady …

Hi everyone 🙂

Wednesday means a new Farfetch watercolour, and this time it is about accessories. Let’s open the tough topic of sunglasses and chains …

new-wave 5

When I hear “sunglasses chains”, I can’t help but have mixed feelings. You don’t want to look like the old lady at the library indeed, but looking like Snooki would be worse. I can’t stand those heavy framed glasses, with big chains beginning on the eyebrows. Forget it girls, if you wanna look smart, forget it. I didn’t know the trend was in for SS 2015, thus I didn’t have any picture in mind. So I had to do more research than usual to write this post and found out chains made a comeback in 2011. Diane von Furstenberg’s models were sent on the runway with big sunglasses adorned with fine chains.

I love the example you can see on the illustration : a thin metallic chain, both ends placed at the ears. It’s basically the same thing we’ve seen at DVF. I think it is veeery chic and that’s how I like this trend. It enhances the sophistication and the feminity of the look, even adds a mysterious side. Perfect for the DVF women. Some celebrities tried the trend and wear it with casual outfits. It can look cool if the decoration is funny like the two from ASOS (sold out 😦 ).

That can be a great accessory and I’d be ready to let it a chance !

                           asos        image2xxl

Would you give sunglasses chains a try ?




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