Haute-Couture FW 2015-2016 part I

Hello folks !

Couture Week has begun and I will share with you the gorgeous outfits I’ve spotted on the runway 🙂

Ulyana Sergeenko

This Russian designer is an icon when it comes to Eastern chic. She really deserves more attention !

Her collection is sooo glamorous ! I instantly fell for the first dress. It is the LBD of my dreams. I like the lenght under the knees and the lenght of the sleeves, it is close-fitting but so well tailored that I want to try it ^^ One of the most elegant dresses I’ve ever seen to be honest (yes, like, ever !). The other pieces are beautiful. The wrap dress is shown in different ways : the classical manner with the two white and pink outfits, then something more original with the blue ones. She has mixed light fabrics to create something ethereal, very chic. These one-shoulder dresses may be difficult to wear, but they really have something special. The seamstresses work on the last piece is amazing. I like the way the put the flowers on the hips and on the thigh a lot. Very romantic !

Christian Dior

Raf Simons‘ work is the target of many critics. When I read what people think on forums, I realize there are many negative reviews. Even if I am not a big fan, I don’t believe this is deserved. I like his vision and in each collection we always have two or three absolutely stunning dresses.

I’ll say it : the deconstructed coats remind me of Jacquemus. I was very surprised Simons would make such pieces, but I think they are really really cool and edgy. I am in love with the asymetrical shape and the use of a different material for the sleeve. They are splendid. I like the color scheme he has chosen too : white and ice blue are nice, and the way he has mixed them is good. Plum with fuschia, light green and navy blue … this combinations are pleasant to look at. Of course we retrieve the A-line dresses, the essence of Christian Dior. The black one seems to heavy on the model, I think it has a lot of fabric and the creased effect enhances that. It could come from another century, and in the good sense ! It is very refined. The next dress is amazing too and the impressionist print is beautiful. A statement collection, with large, oversize cuts and a well thought mix of colors. Great 🙂

Adeline André

Last but no least : Adeline André. I had never heard her name before so I had no idea what to expect when I clicked on the link. And it was a good surprise ! It is the kind of discovery you want to make more often.


As an oversize clothing lover, this collection rings like an ideal. Once again there’s a Jacquemus vibe (no no I’m not obsessed) I like a lot. The black and navy blue dresses have a special structure and the way they hang is really nice. The lighter fabric are pretty too. I love with these two jumpsuits. This is a great layering lesson ! A nude, gauze-like  garnment over a super cute yellow one, bright combination ! I really enjoy this work, and it is time to reconsider my point of view over certain things : I usually have … a problem (and it’s an understatement) with white shimmery thights. Especially white open sandals. But the styling makes me change my mind 🙂 The silhouettes look amazing and I cannot imagine another pair of shoes (okay, maybe some super class loafers 😉 ) to go with it. I want to add that the models who walked are obviously not the ones we use to see, but they are fabulous. I am a fan of older girls because their attitude brings a maturity and a new elegance to the clothes, and that is what this show perfectly depicts. Wonderful 🙂

Part I is done ! The sequel should be out soon 🙂




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