I may have a beauty tip …

Hello girls 🙂

Another post about beauty to end the day ! You know how I say I hate tons of make-up and I personally don’t wear many products on my skin. Like a moisturozer (but that doesn’t count as make-up) and a BB Cream … twice a year maybe ? You may think it is because I don’t need to because I have a nice complexion and a flawless skin ? Oh my, you’re are SO wrong ! Actually I have a lot of imperfections, seriously. Like red spots, some blemishes and even some acne. My face can be … more or less (I always have scars from old spots I fought against) okay when I go to bed and the next morning, a pimple has decided to settle on my cheek. Then another one two days later. And trust me, they don’t plan to go as fast as they come.

I’ve tried four or five products to solve this problem, like Biactol, “Eau Précieuse” and Avène Cleanance Gel. The second one is something to avoid at all costs ladies ! Indeed it is composed of alcohol and will burn your skin rather than clean it. So get rid of that lotion. To be honest none of them really worked for me. But I have just found the right and long-awaited product I needed 🙂

Two months ago, I began to visit Lush quite often. I’m sure you have heard of it. First it is not tester on animals, and all their products are mostly composed of natural ingredients. When you enter a shop, everything is colorful and smells so good ! I’ve tried their shampoo and was very satisfied with it, so I wanted to test their face cleanser : I picked one called Fresh Farmacy. I’ve washed my face twice a day for a month, and now I do it only in the morning (and use a micellar water from Bioderma before sleeping). And I must admit the result is there ! I have way less red spots and skin problems of any kind. It contains tea tree (the miracle ingredient), rose, lavender and chamomile. A nice mix 🙂 It’s funny because it is made like a cake, and they cut a slice just for you. I use mine a lot and well, I think I can still go for three months at least. Yes, all their products last a very long time ! I paid 9 euros for a little more than 100g, so you can realize how reasonable it is …

The miracle :p
The miracle :p

If I am writing this, it’s because a lot of girls are suffering from skin problems. I don’t consider I have a very very bad skin, but I know many other are in that case and are desesperate to find the right product. They have tried dozen of lotions, soaps, etc that I really wanted to share this tip on my blog. I hope it will work for you too and you will find this helpful.

I think you have seen this video fromEm, a fellow blogger at http://mypaleskin.blogspot.fr/

I can’t believe how mean people are, especially behind a screen … This kind of harsh comments can be really tough to handle, especially when you lack confidence. They are even more upsetting when they are about something you cannot do anything about ! I never wanted to hide it with make-up because I don’t like it, but I’ve spent days and days in summer with untied hair and a fringe just to hide my face. Now my skin is better and even if I still have some outbursts, I don’t really care anymore.

I hope you’ll find Em’s video inspiring too !

Will you give Fresh Farmacy a try girls 🙂 ?




6 thoughts on “I may have a beauty tip …

  1. It is very good for your skin that you don’t wear lots of makeup! You let it breathe! I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis because I don’t think is necessary…i like my freckles and my little spots! But whether you wear makeup or not you have to always wash your face because during the day our face gets dirty…(that’s my beauty tip and a very well known one! 🙂 )
    that product from Lush seems really nice!
    I would really appreciate it if you could visit and maybe support my blog! Iam new but I try.Thank u in advance!

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    1. Everyone has a different skin, and what works for one person may not work on another. I don’t think this Lush cleanser is very well known, and it might be worth giving a try, maybe it will help other girls ! You are totally right not to hide your freckles 😉


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