Keep it simple

Hi everyone 🙂

New Farfetch infographic today ! Let’s talk about beauty and make-up …

new-wave 9

I love the idea of a minimal make-up. You know it is not really my thing, so the less I do the better it is for me ! I know I should apply at least a foundation or a light powder to have a nice complexion, but well … I often see women wearing three of four products (I am not talking about moisturizer here, which of course is important !), like a liquid foundation, a heavy powder and a blush, very very visible please ! The result is often disastrous. There’s no way I would like a mask applied with a trowel on my face, ready to crumble each time I smile or blink. So please when you are in front of the mirror at home, keep it simple ! Only real make-up artists can achieve something good with that many products, that’s their job after all. And anyway, you know what ? The trend is not about it anymore. If you hadn’t noticed, more and more models are walking the runway almost barefaced, with a perfect skin but not hidden behind tons of make-up. Very natural and beautiful 😉

However, I am not against a pop of color on my eyes or lips. Rocking a red pout is kinda easy, a soft eyeshadow is too, but graphic eyes are bolder I think. *Sigh* I’d LOVE to be able to wear an orange flash under the eyes, something flashy and original !

OKay, let me tell you something : last time I went to Séphora, my birthday rpesent was waiting for me. Actually I had no idea they were doing this, so I was very surprised (but happy !). And here I receive a set of three eyeshadows, brownish shades. Umm okay, I’ll give it a try, thanks. I certainly don’t master the brush like Pat McGrath, but I’ll try to do something good with the three of them, like the lighter at the corner of the eyes, you know ^^. These colors are very subdued and can go with anything, anytime, anywhere. That is another way to be minimalist : soft hues. Choose your side girls 🙂

     R0012047   R0012050

     R0012053   r0012062

See ? The result is very very discreet … This option is way esaier to wear. It brings a little extra to your gaze still.

I’d really like to try something graphic, with a vibrant color like Yadim (and other) did. Maybe someday 🙂

What do you prefer ? Would you try minimal boldness or keep soft eyeshadows ?




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