Haute Couture FW 2015-2016, IV : Viktor & Rolf

Helloooo everyone 🙂

I know I know, I’m a bit late, but the last post for Couture FW 2015-2016 is finally here ! I wanted to write about Viktor&Rolf separately like I did for Valentino, because that show is really on another level. It questions Art, and uses a medium for painting, the canvas, as a garment.


Let’s begin with the outfits. All the models are wearing a denim dress. Some of them are simple strap dresses, others look like blouses. It acts as a basis. Indeed the designers have fastened their main pieces on top of them. Either as a dress or as a skirt, they have created paintings, canvases with what seems to be their frame to finish the outfits. They are kinda folded to take different shapes. If you look closely, the dresses have little painting spots, matching the stains we have on the canvases. I love the idea and think it is very inventive. These canvases give so much volume and the golden or sivery frames bring a strong structure to the silhouette. As they go in every direction it makes the whole thing very dynamic too. My favorite is the look is the one on the sixth picture : they tried to make a mullet skirt, long behind and short at the front. I like the fact it is high waisted too. But well, talking about it like it is a normal outfit is not very appropriate right ? That’s definitely “Couture” and typically “unwearable” ^^.

The two designers are standing on stage too. When the models come back, some of them stop between them and they help the girl out of the canvas. Then they hang the paintings behind them, we notice little hooks on the wall.

I think this fashion show is more than a Couture collection with beautiful garments. In Art, to make short, a performance is a lively presentation of the artwork, with people acting, some music playing, etc … Well with that definition I believe every fashion show is a performance since for me fashion is art, but I must say some are more spectacular. Painting and clothing merge in this show. The first adds another dimension and makes us think about a link between these two art forms. After all, canvases can be made of cotton too, or natural fibers used in textile industry. A painter and a designer work with the same material, but they make different things out of it. The artwork you can see on the middle on the last pictures is super cool, because it is composed of three classical panels, but all linked by a flowing piece of fabric, like a drapé. I find this very symbolical … 🙂

We really see how everything is well thought and prepared. Viktor&Rolf are moving together, they are both kneeling at the same time etc … almost like a mirror. As they hang their creations on the wall, they slowly turn the runway into a museum. Half of their creations are hanging on the wall, the other half is alive thanks to the models.

The whole show is here.

It’s probably one of the most inspiring fashion show I’ve seen for years. It has included another art, painting, and they have perfectly used it. Another hit 😉

What do you think about this … conceptual Couture collection guys ? I wanna know !




4 thoughts on “Haute Couture FW 2015-2016, IV : Viktor & Rolf

  1. Your writing style is refreshing and your critique of the fashion industry is very intriguing. I also review catwalk shows and it is important to strike a fine balance between your own writing style and theoretical knowledge. Your post perfectly blends the two elements together. I really enjoyed your analysis and look forward to reading more of your work. http://www.fadedspring.co.uk/

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