Casual chic, effortlessly

Hi everyone 🙂

Today is the last post of my Farfetch series … I know, it’s a bit sad. I really enjoyed doing this. When I was given these ten infographics, they told me to do whatever I wanted, I could post them all at once, without any explanations, but I really wanted to work on each one individually. To me it was almost like an exam at the university : I had a specific theme to work on, I had to do some research about it to deliver a good article. Seriously that was cool, so I thank Farfetch for this great opportunity 😀 !

This session will be about …I’d rather call it a styling tip than a trend. Have you ever worn your shirt around your waist ?


This is something very … 90s. But they are making a comeback and it is the occasion for us to see some of our past style obsessions renewed. As the infographic says, it is not about being “useful” or “practical”, but just “stylish”. I mean it’s not like being a little hot and taking your cardigan off, no, it is about being cold, having a nice warm coat but still wearing an extra garment under it. Just because … because :3. We’ve seen that on the runway the past seasons too.

There are many many ways to rock this look. I have made a little selection to give you some ideas, I’m sure you will be able to adapt these outfits with what you already have in your wardrobe 🙂

   10646034_3241838_1000    10889105_4290228_1000    11021631_4894817_1000

First example is something very simple, but trust me it can look cool. You just have to pick light blue jeans and pair it with a basic nude top. Slims jeans are better for this, because well the goal is to put your cardigan over it. It would look too awkward with large trousers (even if I love them). Then you choose some pretty knitwear to put on your hips, like this cute cardigan. I love mustard and it is a color working very well with nude I think !

   11103927_5273592_1000    11087256_5226513_1000    11080168_5183421_1000

For the second look, I’ve chosen this long t-shirt dress. It is the perfect base for what I have in mind, but it will work with a sleeveless piece too. Wear it with this Jitrois leather jacket on top, then fold a checked cotton top (From R13) over your waist. These two elements are a but grungy and you can even add a pair of DcMartens if you want to ! A red version of the shirt would look super cool too.

Another tip : I have a denim jumpsuit from Zara which is actually composed of lyocell, so it’s very pleasant to wear. I often tie it around my waist : I just use it as trousers, I don’t put the upper part on. It creates a very nice line ! Give it a try at home if you have one 🙂

Have you already done this ? Let me know 😉




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