Lemaire X UNIQLO

Hello guys ! You know how I adore Lemaire’s work. When I heard Christophe and Sarah-Linh Tran were preparing a capsule for Japanese giant UNIQLO, I felt overjoyed. Finally a chance to get one of their meticulously designed items at a reasonable price. I’ve been watching the internet for hints. Some had been dropped a … More Lemaire X UNIQLO


Personally, I adore green eyes. I would have loved a peridot gaze, but it is not really the case. However, Nature has been kind enough to give me hazel eyes 🙂 They appear brown in the middle then go olive. It is great to have two slightly different colors, and for me green is often … More Iris

Red in the morning

You may have noticed I am now a redhead in previous posts. I didn’t make a fuss about it, even tough I love the color. I’m planning to get it even lighter by September. But this morning, I was sitting by the sunlight when I spotted my reflection on the window, and thought it was … More Red in the morning

Stella explains why she won’t have Ovis 21 as a wool supplier anymore

Good morning everyone Some fashion news to begin the day. Stella McCartney, fierce defender of the animal cause, has just cut ties with one of her wool suppliers in Patagonia. Indeed she was alerted by PETA of the bad treatments lambs suffered in one of their farms. She cannot stand this kind of behaviour and … More Stella explains why she won’t have Ovis 21 as a wool supplier anymore