Stella explains why she won’t have Ovis 21 as a wool supplier anymore

Good morning everyone

Some fashion news to begin the day. Stella McCartney, fierce defender of the animal cause, has just cut ties with one of her wool suppliers in Patagonia. Indeed she was alerted by PETA of the bad treatments lambs suffered in one of their farms. She cannot stand this kind of behaviour and has declared the following statement on her facebook page :

“I am very saddened to report that we have had to cease sourcing some of our sustainable wool from Ovis 21 in Patagonia.

It was born as an amazing initiative to help protect a million acres of endangered grasslands in Patagonia whilst looking after the welfare of animals. Unfortunately, after conducting our own investigation in Argentina, following a very distressful viewing of footage provided by the great guys at PETA, we found out that 1 out of the 26 ranches we used to source sustainable wool there, mistreated its sheep. It is one too many.

As a designer who built a brand on not using leather, fur or animal skins in its designs, I can’t tolerate it!

I am devastated by the news but more determined than ever to fight for animal rights in fashion together and monitor even more closely all suppliers involved in this industry to end all innocent lives.
We are also looking into vegan ‘wool’ as well, in the same manner we were able to develop and incorporate high-end alternatives to leather and fur over the years.”

I can only praise Stella for her reaction. She is fighting for a better fashion industry and the way she acts is in total harmony with her inner beliefs. Yay Stella ❤ !!


8 thoughts on “Stella explains why she won’t have Ovis 21 as a wool supplier anymore

  1. I’m so glad more designers are thinking about how their materials are sourced and why it matters. Thanks for sharing this news and keeping people informed! As a sustainable and ethical fashion blogger, I find it very important to keep myself updated on changes like these in the fashion industry.

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