BoF’s education courses

Hello everyone !

I’ve got some cool industry news to share with you 🙂 . A couple of weeks ago, I received The Business Of Fashion newsletter. When I read the headline “free online courses”, I was very curious so I went to their website to see what they meant. Indeed, it offers four courses who might be interesting for people wanting to work in the fashion industry.

Fashion business classics is a guide for designers wanting to launch their own label. In four steps and two stories, you will find out how to start a business plan, finance your activity and advertise.

Fashion marketing and communications deals with public relations and ways to create links with your customers.

Fashion History is a course about the couturiers and designers that have written our textile history. From Paul Poiret to Yves Saint-Laurent, we retrieve the major figures of the XXth century.

Fashion Entrepreneurship focuses on several stories of successful entrepreneurs and their tips to make your business grow.

You will need to register thus create an account to access these courses, but don’t worry it is really quick. BoF is a serious website and a reliable source for this kind of topics so it is cool they came up with this free courses project. I have downloaded and printed the third one, which I can’t wait to read. I thought you might find it helpful, so I’ve deciced to make a quick article to let you know.

Hope you will enjoy them 🙂




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