New-York Fashion Week SS 2016 part I

Hello 😀

The big event has begun ! Spring/Summer 2016 Fashion Week opened in New-York City on September 9th. Like I did in February and for the Haute-Couture Week, I will share my reveiws. I am really going to focus on that : maybe I’ll post some personal pictures, but until October 7th you will mostly read about the Fashion Week. I’ve brought some changes in order to make the reviews more complete. I will put a link towards the collections for you to click and see all the looks, and when I deal with a designer you may not know, I’ll create a link towards his official website. So let’s start right now !

Lyn Devon

The first presentation I am going to talk about is a discovery 🙂 : Lyn Devon. I’ve never heard her name until now. She made her debuts at Ralph Lauren, then presented her first own collection in 2005. She has received many awards these past years. All her clothes are 100% made in New-York.

Nice way to begin the season isn’t it ❤ ? The collection offers lady-like outfits in a casual chic style. I am a big fan of the proportions : the calf lenght paired with a slightly oversize cut is very chic and feminine. The tops are not very revealing. The V-neck of the last dress is not deep but enough to lighten the silhouette. I really like this dress, the drapé of the bottom reminds me of layering and I find it very original. The waist is clealy marked : the high-waist skirts have a large band and the dresses are adorned with a belt. It is a bit less obvious on the first look since it has a straight, columnar cut. The fabrics and different textures seems of good quality (that is Lyn’s main interest, that’s why the production remains in N-Y).

As for the colors, the designer has worked on monochromy. I love the vieux rose outfit, the hue may be a little difficult to wear, and not suitable for every complexion, I’d be ready to give it a try ! However, I don’t like the shoes. Of course you can be chic in flats and sandals, but I don’t find these pairs pretty.

Red Valentino

Creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli designed their collection thinking about Marie-Antoinette with a modern twist.

These outfits look super cute. I think it is clearly made for young girls. We tend to say the smaller lines are the little sisters of the main one (Miu-Miu for Prada, See by Chloé for Chloé …) and in this case it is particularly relevant. The floor-lenght Valentino gowns are replaced by calf-lenghts or mini skirts. The corset + tulle skirt mix sounds very precious, almost royal, but it is associated with casual shoes like trainers, making the whole look contemporary. In the first one, the leather corset accentuates this décalage. The LBD remind me of the rock’n’roll baby-dolls style, with its short floral dress and sparkling socks worn with kitten heels. You will find a lot of white and light blue. Flowers printed dresses are delicate, girly and sweet. I’ve always liked how the designers deal with see-through fabrics, with an elegant taste. It is great in this collection, the bow and the plumetis details make it irresistible. I want it 😀 !

Here we are readers, the first part of NYFW is over. I have written a quick lists of the shows I do not want to miss : next one is Ryan Roche, around 11P.M for me in France. Of course I take a peek at all the collections (that’s how I discovered Lyn Devon) to update the blog, but still I cannot wait for my favorite designers.

Hope you are happy the Fashion Week posts are back !





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