New-York Fashion Week SS 2016 part II

Hi fashion lovers !

Second episode of NYFW this morning. I hadn’t planned to talk about these collections I admit, but they are so cool they deserve to be shared !


I begin with the presentation of the brand M.Martin. The designers behind this name are Jennifer Noyes and Alex Gilbert. It is described as a luxury sportswear fashion house, focusing on the quality of its garments and, more important, the legacy, with pieces that can span several lives and generations.

Of course this minimalist statement is very appealing to me. The cuts are slightly oversize, but the model is not lost in the suit or the two jumpsuits at the end for instance. Only bows adorn the clean lines. I like the big one of the blue dress, it brings something more to the silhouette, inspired from Asia. The other belts are less visible and rather placed on the hips. Trousers and skirts become mixed up. The long white outfit caught my attention : it seems we have a long piece of cloth behind her legs, tied at the front, similar to a long skirt paired with her wide pants. On the other hand we see a real, long dress worn over trousers before. The colors chosen are beautiful. Navy blue and white are quite expected for summer (and for … every season actually), but this shade of grey is more original. Tinted by a soft hint of lilac, it looks even prettier on the jumpsuit. I think it is thanks to the fabric, looking like linen and slightly see-through. This one is my favorite outfit ! Casual chic at its best. The white coat is nice but I would have loved to get a peek at the shirt dress underneath. Anyway, I am a fan of the collection 😉

Jason Wu

I really like the shapes and the cuts. The red trousers are really great, and a crop top is a good choice for pairing (I’m glad the trend is still alive). The sleeveless blazer is awesome, but I wouldn’t wear it belted. I like the navy blue suit worn by Binx too, the light caraco underneath is a very good idea with something so subdued. These garments are appropriate for workwear, but Jason Wu is known for his cocktail gowns. A lot of work has been done on the two slip dresses :  tulle and frills mean loveliness and even sophistication here. This profusion of fabrics and textures is measured, he has not overdone it, there’s still an harmony. I like the black one better, it suits the model very well. Many looks share a kind of cape covering the shoulders and the back. It looks better on the transparent shirt of the 34th look, worn by Julie. I adore how the outfit is composed, the blouse in itself is gorgeous and I love it paired with high-waisted shorts. The flowing cape adds sophistication, you don’t need a jacket to finish the look when you have this !


In this collection titled “Master and Mischief”, you wont find anythng longer than knee-lenght. Nicky Zimmermann created only short dresses/skirts, stopping mid-thighs. They are heavily ornated : ruffles, lace, frilly plastrons, large flounces, plumetis … Attention is paid to the details. The waist is often highlighted thanks to large belts or bands. They kind of remind me a bit of Sarah Burton’s work for Alexander McQueen, probably because of the Victorian vibe 🙂 I love the twelfth look, really. The prints are nice and the volumes very well balanced. I am not sure if it is a dress or a blouse and a skirt, but I certainly am fond of this light flowing top. The details are far from the clean aesthetic I like so much, but I just find it adorable. Sleeves are very large but get tighter at the wrist. High collars grace the models’ neck, and if it is not covering it properly, the stylists added a large choker, similar to the waistline. The colors (pink and blue) have a beautiful greyish, ashy finish, like on this last look with that light blue hue.

What do you think about these shows ? Let me know !




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