NY Fashion Week SS 2016 part III

How are you, readers 🙂 ?

Let’s continue our trip in NY with more fashion shows.

Ryan Roche

I was eagerly waiting for Ryan Roche‘s presentation. I had come across her work in February and was amazed by her performance. The souvenir of her woolen clothes lingering in my mind, I was pleased to meet her new collection.

Powder-beige, ecru and blush pink are the sweetest hues for spring. Monochromy often goes with minimalism and this collection proves it. Each outfit (except for the shoes) is composed of one nude color. She had already used them for her autumn collection, and I think these shades work very well with knitwear. As I adore this kind of garments, I can say I’m glad Ryan designed more of them. The sweaters seems so soft and cosy ! I like the two special cable-knit, rather chevrons lines on each side. It brings some relief to the piece. The neckwarmer looks nice with that deep V-neckline, they are similar to what we spotted at Lemaire FW 2015-16.

The dresses/skirts are very long : some reach the floor, other stop at the ankles. Their slightly A-line is very elegant. We can only focus on the fabric and its purity since there’s nothing distracting us. The only details are the seams placed on the shoulders and on the front. I don’t find them annoying, on the contrary they highlight the verticality and the lenght of the dresses. The belted jackets could be mistaken for homewear, they must be super confortable. The lace garments fit the same minimal intention in terms of color and line. I have a soft spot for the flat mules : remember I got the almost same pair from Zara a couple of months ago <3.

Monique Lhuillier

Usually when I hear “satin dresses with sparkling embellishments”, I want to roll on the floor crying and tell the world how sad I am they still exist. The cliché of the over-girly girl wanting to look like a “princess” with a cheap-looking, old-fashioned shining dress, half-covered with strass, can’t leave my mind (you know what I’m talking about … and no, I won’t give you an exemple 🙂 ). But Monique Lhuillier’s creations are nothing like that : they are delicate and chic, which is very important ^^. She chose vivid colors for spring : I like that emerald green shade and the strawberry pink she picked. Their bold association surprisingly works in my opinion, it’s really pretty. The structured green top and the pompom sandals look great because they are super trendy items, so the whole outfit is more modern.

The middle part of the show was dedicated to Impressionism, or so it seems. Coloured dots turn into a watercolor flowers trail. The red, blue and yellow embroidered details on the tulle of the fourth gown are meticulously arranged. A stunning summery artwork for me. The last dresses stand on the glamorous side. I am a fan of this asymmetrical shape, I think it is super sophisticated and refined. Ornaments don’t feel “too much” on them. On the black ones we see a sort of tulle frill, acting almost like a peplum. The back is very elegant. We can conclude flowers are at the heart of Lhuillier’s collection, in term of prints, shapes and colors, and that’s in the mood for bright days 🙂

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham‘s show has become one of the main events at New-York Fashion Week. Through the years, she has gained the respect and acknowledgement of the insiders. She is a hardworker and the result is right before our eyes.

I enjoyed the beginning of the show a lot. I am a fan of plaid and other checkered garments, and even if they are typically the kind of patterns we expect for autumn, I don’t mind seeing them for spring. I just love them. The third dress is amazing. The originality lies in the deconstruction. Indeed pieces of fabric have been assembled in a special way in which regularity doesn’t prevail. The details on the lines of the deep V-neckline are my favorite. Navy blue, burgundy and forest green are not the first colors we would think of for the season but I love the harmony between them.

Of course Victoria shows us some white slip dresses, simple but chic, very easy to wear. They are long and let the ankles free, then the knee. Things are going a bit arty with abstract painting prints adorning the outifts. They take a rectangular shape, you can see them on the cute oversize black dress and on the long coat. I prefer the black and white version personally. I think suede pieces really stand out. The cape Marie wears is amazing and works well with the white skirt. The red and tan tops placed over the shirts are kind of edgy, statement garments, and I like them too !

That’s the end of Part III everyone, hope you have enjoyed it 😀

Don’t forget to check the collections guys !




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