NY Fashion Week SS 2016 part IV

Hello guys !

The fourth part of my NYFW favorites is here 🙂


We begin with the Houghton show. It is part of my discoveries this season. The brand proposes a timeless and “easy chic” approach of fashion.  Designed by Katharine Polk, the garments are thought to be easily wearable and comfortable. They are made in New-York.

It’s not really surprising to see white dresses again. We know it is a must-have for spring/summer and we have already seen dozens of them on the runway. These ones are not boring at all, I think they are something light and fresh, even romantic, probably because of the use of embroidery, broderie anglaise and see-through fabrics. The third dress is super cute : a piece of delicate lace has been added on the chest, which looks nice. Only the sleeves and upper bust are transparent (the very same fabric was used for the blouse on the fifth image), the rest has a lining underneath. The ruffled wrists detail complete the look.

The other silhouettes presented are composed of midi and maxi skirts. As a lover of these lenghts, I am always glad to spot them on the catwalk 😉 The first outfit, a sweater and a skirt, is a great casual summery look. I think the others are a bit more elegant. The seventh dress for instance, with its superb embroidered front, is very refined. The cuts are rather loose-fitting, except for a couple of dresses, clinging to the model’s body.

As for colors, although white dominates, we have some hints of peach. Belts tied at the waist share this soft hue, and we even find it in the middle of the dress itself. Dark blue tints the collection too thnaks to denim.


Kaelen is another fashion house to add on my list. It bears the name of her young designer, Kaelen Haworth. This lady attended Parsons and launched her first collection a year after she obtained her diploma. She likes working on minimalism and on masculin/féminin. She presented her vision for spring 2016 yesterday.

Of course I like the simple style and very chic appeal coming from this collection. Classical cuts and bold pieces coexist in this exercise, and mix together to confer an assertive elegance. Indeed the trench coat is a basic piece, same goes for the white t-shirt and the skirt in the tenth picture. If you take a closer look at the latest, you’ll find vertical stripes on both garments, very discreet. The first dress has a clean line, straight cut only disturbed by the big ruffle on the chest. It brings some texture, adds flowing lines to the silhouette, thus balancing it. I adore the three jumpsuits here : they are all very nice and very different from each other, with their own style. My preference goes to the one in the fifth picture, the cut is beautiful and the belt well placed. I love the sleeves a bit rolled up to see the wrists, that is the kind of detail that can make an outfit near perfect.

The 14th look is very special : the crop top is all about geometry and structure, a bit rigid. I think it works well with those high waisted trousers. We are shown rather neutral colors, with off-white shades, light grey, soft pink, medium grey and navy blue, then the palette goes vivid with a lemony, acid yellow I really love ! This color is used for a trench coat and a long, oversize dress and it works because they are not over sophisticated garments in term of shape. I’m not sure it would have looked as good (well, as elegant at least) with something full of little details, too “heavy”. I adore this last dress, amazing oversize cut 🙂

Vera Wang

Vera Wang closes the post today. I really really wanted to see her show, because I am a fan of her aesthetic, rock and feminine at the same time. You won’t find any pretty white dresses here 😉

As soon as I saw what Binx was wearing, I knew I was going to enjoy the collection. Vera Wang totally masters the feminin/masculin style. Most of her total black looks are composed of a sleeveless blazer. It’s been years I want one, but it still hasn’t found its way to my wardrobe (I’m too exigeant to find the One). They cover the hips and sometimes the knees, and are clearly oversize. They are not fastened so we can see the garments underneath. The models have sporty brassieres or bandeaux, styled with high waisted bottoms. I love the culottes on the tenth picture (I am looking for a pair too …), I think it is very elegant and kind of easy to wear. The 13th look is super classy. What’s better than a black tuxedo dress ? I also like the deep V-neckline and the cut of the top in the picture 27, seem very chic to me.

The last looks are awesome to me. I love that Vera used tulle (one of her favorite fabric for bridal) to design see-through dress and skirt. I prefer the first example, with the dark feathers, the pleats and her ruffle signature. It creates a large volume around the girl’s thighs, and I like the whole silhouette.  Black was the star of the show, but it was not the only color. Some vivrant red gowns were shown, and even if I like them less than the rest, I have to admit the form is original. We saw midi glittery dresses too, which shared the same shape as the previous ones, with cut out sides. Very funky !

New-York Fashion Week is almost coming to an end. I think we still have amazing collections worth talking about, so stay tuned 😉




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