NY Fashion Week SS 2016 part V

Hello dear readers !

Here comes the fifth part of my NYFW reviews 🙂

Michael Kors

I was right on time to watch the Michael Kors show in live. and it was amazing ! The best show so far in my opinion, it really stands out with impeccable cuts and a modern styling.

Mister Kors and his team have presented a super chic collection. The first look is a black coat adorned with flowers on the upper part. They seem so fluffy they remind me of the pompom trend. The collection rather focuses on officewear and suits. Many were composed of jacket and a skirt, classy and feminine at the same time. However they are not the average suits, the designer has displayed creativity. The structured, asymmetrical blazer in the 20th picture is paired with a skirt, largely cut out at the front. The reverse of the jacket falls over her legs. The composition of the whole look is quite researched. The outfit worn by Fei Fei is really nice too, the see-through skirt is in every point opposed to the very strict white blouse and black jacket, I like this décalage. The trousers suit is a little bit oversize and worn in a relaxed way, with the open jacket put on the shoulders.

The other looks belong in the casual chic category. The third and tenth outfits are loose-fitting. They are ornated in a lovely way, a bit similar to the flowers on the coat. The swimsuit (although I’m not sure I’d wear in on the water) is awesome, I love the cut on the thighs and the deep V-neckline. The next brown top, probably made of suede, looks great too. But what I like the most are the last lace dresses. For the black one Kors has used yokes of lace on the shoulders and on the bottom : these vertical stripes bring an original twist to a classical shirt dress. I find the lenght of the sleeves chic and the ruffled details are adorable.


I’ve already featured Delpozo on White and Pink Peony. I love the fantaisy of the Spanish house, its colorful and bold volumes imagined by creative director Josep Font. Once again his SS 2016 collection shown yesterday doesn’t lack inventiveness.

I can’t help but smile when I see his shows. Playfulness and candor are at the heart of his creations. Of course that is not what you would wear everyday, but they are the best outfits to attend the Fashion Week 😉 . The kind of shoulder pads of the first is very funny, I just love the form. He has downplayed the look with more classical, chic trousers. We retrieve the signature shapes, wide and oblong skirts. The second and fifth looks are a good example of the last option, and I like this a lot ! I think it makes the silhouettes very interesting, almost caricatural but in a sweet way. The kimono top works well with it, the waistline is belted to create two distinct volumes. The little green pop of color stand out on the light mint hue (we had it on the first look too).

The rest is about giant skirts, very large at the bottom. Another piece has been added on the hips of the model on the 34th outfit : not only it brings a new color to the outfit, but it really weights and accentuates the silhouette. We notice it is tied at the waist, thus enhanced, then goes wide. I love the architecture, I think we can use the term, of this look. The ruffles on the white tops makes me think about origami. I like when designers plays with fabric and turn it into something elaborated like this. The last piece worn by irina is beautifully adorned. We have a range of sweet cold hues like pink, mauve and blue, which I adore, and some darker with navy blue. Font conjugates colors with shapes and that’s what makes it collections so special.

This post is over 🙂 Don’t worry NFW is not totally over yet, I still have several collections to share with you.

Hope you liked this article !




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