NY Fashion Week SS 2016 part VI

Hello everyone

Let continue our wanderings through NYFW with three new collections !


Marchesa‘s fashion show … is something to see. Honestly I’ve never really paid attention to it until March, when their Gatsby-inspired autumn collection left me stunned.

I adore these gowns. Designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have turned tulle into beautiful evening dresses. The first are flimsy, ethereal and very glamorous. The black dress with the corset has a little femme fatale side, whereas the white (pic 5) makes me think of ballerinas with its feathery leotard. On the next picture, tulle is placed upon the shoulders to catch the attention.

There was a couple of shorter outfits, I’ve put an exemple with that cute sliken dress. I can’t help but think about Ulyana Sergeenko, that’s typically the kind of cocktail dress she would love 🙂  As for me, my preference goes to the fluffy gowns 😉 . The color scheme is enchanting : this pretty ombré, made of blue, lilac, peach and light yellow is calling for spring. The intensity of each one is well measured thus the whole looks harmonious. The twenty fifth dress has a grey tye and dye effect on the bottom too. The top is meticulously ornated. These flowing sleeves, falling over the arms like a cape are very elegant, I adore this. The last outfit is a beautiful achievement in term of composition.

I’m always admirative when I lay the eyes on such a work of patience, creating a garment with this kind of fabric must require a lot of meticulousness. It seems heavy yet floating, celestial. The feathers and these blue, greyish hues reminds us of the sky. Amazing collection 🙂


I have enjoyed the Boss show a lot. Without really having taken an interest in the brand, I imagined it as the perfect office-wear supplier, and I have nothing against that of course but I’m not against a little more casual twist. That’s why I was surprised, in a nice way, when I watched this.

These garments are at the top of elegance. They delivered with that shirt dress on the sixth image, the sheer short sleeves are a good idea. My favorite piece is the coat in the fourteenth picture. The cut is classic but it is fastened by a small nude band on the side, which is well brought out on the white fabric. It brings the originality. We can get a glimpse at what Ine wears underneath, it seems to be a yellow pleated skirt. Indeed this soft shade has been used for other clothes, like on the dress before, another one I adore. I absolutely love this color, and I think it work well with this flowing pleated fabric. That’s all we want for summer days ! It is very light and a bit transparent, but this dress is made of several layers. The same method has been applied to the outfit 15, we can clearly see it on the top. This white version is very pretty too.

We get to more sophisticated looks at towards the end. The deep-V neckline gown with a slightly shmimmery finish is glamour and classy at the same time. The last pictures show an amazing jumpsuit inspired from an evening tuxedo : the satiny aspect of the band on the model’s chest reminds me of a lapel. Tailor transposition is a success.


We end this article with Theory. I am a fan of the brand, you have noticed since I’ve already post about it several times, and I was curious about today’s presentation.

For this season they propose a collection with very simple clothes. Suits, blouses, large pants … You’ll certainly find something you’d want to add in your wardrobe. It’s cool to see they’ve embraced the suede trend once again. The tan shade of the coat is super pretty and will look great with basically everything at mid-season. The off-shoulder style obsession will keep shining too ! I really like it here, especially on the black dress. The result is chic and subdued (if it is calf-lenght, even better 😉 ).

As I said wide trousers are something we are used to see at Theory. The pair displayed on the fourteenth shot matches my tastes perfectly : first because I am a fan of this beige hue, and because the pleat on the front of the leg makes everything. The trousers officially enter the “elegant” category ^^ I like the fact it is slightly high waisted. We find a similar piece on the suede coat picture, except it is a culotte version, so the ankles and the lower part of the legs are visible. The polka dot pants stand halfway between these two beige examples, so every lenght is available in this collection. The trench and the red suits are rather classical but still chic and seem of good quality. Nice job !

Well well the sixth part is finally done ! Next time we’ll fly to London 🙂

Enjoy guys,





2 thoughts on “NY Fashion Week SS 2016 part VI

  1. Marchesa’s ombré gowns were my favorite looks from the show, they were so well done! They remind me if dawn breaking across the skyline when all the clouds are painted like pastel rainbows. Great post! 😀

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