Special review : Agatha Ruiz de la Prada SS 2016, Madrid

Hi dear readers 🙂

I’d like to begin this post with a announcement : tomorrow should be posted a Monday Model. However I’ve decided to skip it this month. Indeed I have a lot of work between the Fashion Week itself, watching the shows and especially writing reviews, planning my trip to Paris (because yes, I will go to Paris on Sept 29th 😀 ) and the university … I think it is better to focus on the event for now. On Monday October 12th,when it is over, I would like to make a special Monday Model about the it-girls we’ve seen on the runway for SS 2016. It will be a nice recap of their work.

Let’s get to the topic of the day ! Before talking about what’s happening right now in London, I’ve prepared a small report about a show which took place in the Spanish capital : Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

I adore this designer. I often buy her goodies, and actually that’s how I’ve discovered her. I currently have three little notebooks with colorful psychedelic prints, and I don’t have the courage to toss the one I’ve finished recently.

The clothes she creates are exactly the same, a lot of patterns and vivid hues, very joyful. They sure will bring a smile to your face 🙂 Find the whole collection here.

Agatha Ruiz has playful retro silhouettes in store for spring 2016. The shapes of her garments remind us of the past decades : the fringe dress on the last picture, the first little jacket, the seventies large trousers on the fourth image … Plus the headband the girls wear are super cute. I must admit if I had to choose, I’d rather wear outfits with soft hues, like the third one. I love the sweater and the bottom (dunno if it is a skirt, or a pair of culottes or trousers) looks nice. The sixth one seems interesting too.

The designer appeared on stage with her girls at the end of the show, and her dress and headpiece are definitely crazy 😀 But that’s the “crazy” I like : fun but still harmonious.




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