London Fashion Week SS 2016 part I

Hello guys !

This Monday we begin our little trip in London. The city is dazzling with originality and boldness. I’ve come across amazing collections … 🙂

Jasper Conran

Jasper Conran’s show was a discovery. It’s the very first time I see his creations (I’m learning everyday 😉 ), and I am quite happy I found it !

Flora is the inspiration for this collection. The atmosphere makes us feel like we are immersed into a tropical greenhouse. We count three colors, white, green and another one (navy blue or black ?), highlighted by golden sandals. Cuts are slightly oversize and fabrics flowing around the girls’ legs. The striped outfits may seem rather close-fitting, but nothing clings to the body. They are super cute for a casual afternoon. You can chose between round necklines, not showing any skin or bustier tops. They keep a certain elegance and simplicity, refined minimalism.

The monochromatic looks are clean, pure. Nothing superfluous. The first shirt is long and paired with a knee-lenght skirt. I am a fan of this kind of pieces, they are both stylish and easy to mix. Same goes for the white look. I appreciate his take on vegetal prints. Without any details, only shadows grace the dresses in various shades of green, I love the graphic effect. In the middle of the collection, he outlined leaves and let the inside blank. Then on the other outfits the prints appear under different forms, big or smaller, green on white or the other way around. The last dress reminds me of moss we would find on a rock in the forest or near a waterfall. I like the way he transposes this effect, with a ombré half aquatic half vegetal, with golden hints. Nymph dreams do come true girls 🙂 .

Bora Aksu

Bora Aksu is a Turkish designer settled in London. He graduated from the prestigious Central St Martin school in 2002 and shares his fashion sense with us since then. Originality prevails in his SS 2016 show.

I really like the suits at beginning of the show. They are very feminine. Indeed I don’t think we can talk about a masculine silhouette for these outfits ^^ The sixth is very casual and the cut of the jacket and top very delicate. The pink hue chosen for the first might be the sweetest I’ve ever seen, and the transparent fabric, slightly shimmery brings the girly touch. I like the contrast it creates with the serious blazer. I could say the same about the tweltfh look, the bottom is not what you would expect with a jacket. The Pan collar of the blouses is very cute, I am fond of this style and I am glad to spot it on the runway 😉 A band or belt enhancing a small waist is always a good tip to make an outfit more feminine, so we really adapt the suit for womenswear.

With the look of the ninth picture, we step in the core of the collection : lace. It becomes the main point, and the models even wear this kind of patterns on their hand or on their forehead. The dresses seem heavily ornated, with circular shapes and a profusion of details. I like the structure of the gown on imahe 18 with its angularity. However I find the previous one a little bit less good, the idea of a peplum is great but the result is not very good-looking. White clearly dominates but at the end the designer has opted for bolder colors : yellow, fuschia and orange, a summery range of hues we can’t wait to rock – again.


Let’s finish with Erdem. It is where you should head if you’re looking for nice, long floral print dresses. I was very curious about this show and I enjoyed it a lot.

You’ll only find long dresses here, nothing above the knee please ! I’ll begin the review with the seventeenth dress, because I find it amazing : indeed the square collar and the taille Empire remind me of what you could find in Italian Renaissance paintings. it has a ancient, noble vibe I love. It is beautifully adorned with silvery details. I admit this is very Valentino, I can’t help but think about FW 2013-2014 when I see it. I feel the same way about the next looks, especially with the heavy linen or hessian coat. They chose to keep its natural color, only boosted by embroidered flowers. That’s an amazing work. The belt looks cool and I like the ruffled neck we can see worn underneath.

The seventh and eighth outfits stand out in a certain way. The stripes and the cut, structure … the whole focuses on geometry. Composition is strict, less on the bottoms. The concept of a crop top and a long, high waisted skirt sounds good, a bit casual, and they made it classier.

There are many floral prints. I think they look very delicate. The strawberries on the yellows gowns are adorable, but they don’t fall into mushiness. The cuts are so elegant, flowing … these three last pieces are truly pretty. Way to bring happiness.

Part I is done 🙂 To be continued, tomorrow or Wednesay …




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