London Fashion Week SS 2016 part II

Hey how are you 🙂 ?

Today the insiders fly to Milan for the third act, and we’ll follow them very soon. But before let’s close the LFW with the second and last part of my favorites.


I had high expectations about Joseph since I am in love with their clean Resort collection. The show took place on Monday and I felt I saw a new facet of the brand.

The word “knotting” could be employed for the occasion, it applies well to the collection. Most of the outfits are adorned with knots and bows, made with the main material of the garment. Some are very elaborated, recherché. Bands of fabric are flying around the models as they walk. In reality the fourth dress is flowing, it seems a bit rigid in picture but it is really light. The leather dress is super cool and sexy but difficult to wear since it is really tight. Ties are rather subtle on the fourteenth and twenty-third looks, almost like a drapé. It looks amazing on the grey skirt, really chic. I love it with the simple white tee and the trainers, it gives a sophisticated twist. On the outfit 14 the knot could be mistaken for the sleeves of a shirt tied worn the waist, I like the trick. Then it becomes similar to a simple belt on other captures. The last outfits are very different : these oversize suits are very fresh and deprived of any ornament. They shine by their clean lines.

We’ve already seen this soft yellow hues in other collections. I adore the shade here, I think it will convince the most recalcitrant 🙂 Of course it looks good with white. Nice job here 😉

Topshop Unique

Unique ready-to-wear collection is always a big event at London Fashion Week. The clothes will be available at Topshop in some months and many will rush in store (or online) to get a closer look at them.

I must say I find the styling awesome, probably the best I’ve seen so far. Layering is the key. I like what they’ve done with Maartje’s coat : worn on the elbows, held back by a belt at the waist, really glamorous. Her leg is totally visible thanks to the slit skirt. The sleeveless sweater, hanging slightly on the shouler, is rather casual. I find the mix of these two moods results in something super flirtatious and ingenuous at the same time. The nineteenth look relies on a similar concept but I think it is less chic. We move on to delicate floral prints on frilly dresses, with sometimes a long fur stole placed on the shoulder and falling over, making the silhouette slender. These flowing lines will flatter many girls, and their see-through fabric will content the bolder. The little blouse in the picture 16 is super cute, I love the details and the flounce. Officewear goes original. Indeed classical blazers are adorned by a thin belt. The first is paired with polka dot jeans, giving a fun twist. The grey one looks nice with the flowing dress, and the red hint spice the whole thing up. The very large jacket Malaïka wears seems borrowed from menswear closet, playing with eighties shoulders pads. It finds a balance with the close-fitting garments underneath. This eclectic collection is definitely full of must-have items.

Margaret Howell

Margaret Howell is a new name for me. I found her SS 2016 collection last night, and found out she makes clothes I’d love to wear. So that’s a good point to start isn’t it 😉 ?

It makes me think of the typical polished British look. I am fond of this style. It’s all about simplicity, versatile pieces and attitude (derbies with socks and hands in the pockets fit the mood 🙂 ) ! I have some space left in my wardrobe to welcome each garment presented here. The carrot trousers are perfect : high waisted, cropped and the pleat at the front of the leg. The twelfth look caught my attention, the cut and composition of the top works well with the bottom. The shorts are very elegant too, the shape is nice and you could wear them with a feminime blouse or a blazer, they’d still steal the show. They are paired with polos and Pan collared tops.

The outfits have a cute tomboyish vibe I really love, like ready to go to school 🙂 . The total red looks illustrate that exactly. Of course you know I am a fan, culottes are very nice. The fabric is flowing, it makes them more feminine. Things get more mature with the other outfits, especially the last. It just feels more grown-up, ready for the office this time ! The suit is slightly oversize, just what it needs to be chic. The range of colors is limited to white, navy blue, brown and pops of red and yellow. These two bring light to the whole collection. Love the show and the atmosphere, I will definitely keep an eye on Howell’s work.

That’s it for London Fashion Week dear readers. I’m sure Milan has good stuff in store, I’m really excited to see the shows ! So stay near to read about them.




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