Milan Fashion Week SS 2016 part I

Hello everyone !

We gonna spend a few days in Italy now. Milan always delivers, I’m sure we will spot stunning looks on the runways this week 😉

Alberta Ferretti

We are welcomed by Alberta Ferretti and her fashion show. The Italian designer is known for her romantic and ethereal gowns.

I really like the spirit of this collection, it makes me think of painters like Delacroix and Ingres, using these warm orange, brownish-yellow tones. The show begins with lace slip dresses; the first is paired with a white blouse whereas the second is worn directly on the skin. I like everything about them, the color, the composition … Very refined. Light and flowing fabrics are everywhere. Monochromatic dresses are key-pieces in a summer wardrobe. I like the lenghts, ankle or knee. Each detail, a frounce, a seam, is carefully placed. The little jumpsuits and shorts are really cool, and it is a good idea to have paired them with gladiator sandals. We’ve frequently seen this combo during the past years and it seems ready to settle and last. The frayed details  give a raw, unfinished touch very refreshing. Ferretti plays with transparence, we see the models’ legs and their delicate lace lingerie. I know it’s probably not a good idea to wear this in Paris, but well I am a fan ^^ . The result looks very pretty here.

Beige jackets tied at the waist remind me of safari jackets. It really stand out among all these dresses and completes her vision for SS 2016. A couple of peacock dresses appeared on the runway  at the end. I love the heart-shaped décolleté of this one, the cut is simply beautiful. Brillant conclusion for this show.

Luisa Beccaria

I was sooo excited to see Luisa Beccaria‘s collection 🙂 It was one of the best discovery I made last season, her show left me stunned and won my heart.

Once again she transports us to another time. I adore the vintage feeling, the audaciously conventional take. Being able to keep that ancient aesthetic and make it look good nowadays is not an easy task. Lace on floral print can be tricky, but the cuts are super flattering and feminine. The waist is enhanced by the large band, and the close-fitting dresses nicely highlights the frame. The V and round décolletés are very womanly. I must say I have a soft spot for the thirteenth dress : there’s something discreet, nearly shy exuding from it. Top buttoned-down for a Jane Eyre twist, ruffles on the chest and transparent sleeves make it irresistible. We retrieve slightly see-through fabrics on other gowns too, just enough to make out the legs. I love how subtly it is done, especially on the look 36. Definitely romantic. Like I said, flowers are – once again – the stars of the show. Carnations embroidered on the ball gown and roses applied on the lasts, you’ll find your happiness here 🙂 A striking fact is that the palette is totally opposed to Ferretti’s, since we have cold hues, blue, lilac, white and hints of pink.

These are the two firsts collections I’ve loved in Milan, and that’s funny to have them on the same article because of this color thing ! They complement one another very well.

Which collection do you prefer 🙂 ?




3 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week SS 2016 part I

  1. Yes, the two designers compliment each other. My favorite has to be Luisa Beccaria‘s. It is so extremely vintage and so beautiful. I feel like it takes us to another century, but as you mentioned, she makes the clothing appropriate for modern times. So luxurious, so delicate. xo

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