Highlight : Dolce&Gabbana selfie party !

Hey fashion lovers 🙂

The Dolce&Gabbana show took place in Milan some minutes ago. I followed it live with the streaming and could get a good idea of what was happening on the runway.

The clothes were colorful, super pretty and fresh, in the Italian mood we love so much at D&G. Girls were sent walking down the catwalk with a special accessory : a smartphone. Sometimes they stopped for two seconds to take a selfie. Then the picture was sent on screens hanging above the setting.


I think that’s a cute idea. It offers a new point of view focused on the models, they had an even more active role in the show. We as spectators feel the good vibes coming from that cheerful atmosphere, and it’s always cool to see them having fun 🙂

Check out Dolce&Gabbana instagram for more pictures and the hashtags #ITALIAISLOVE and #DGSelfie !




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