Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 part I

Hi everyone !

Finally it’s Paris’ turn to shine ! There are so many shows I’ve loved these past two days … Keeping up will be tough, so let’s begin right now 🙂


We start with Jacquemus. The young French designer is known for his bold inventiveness and his literal take on deconstruction. His spring 2016 show doesn’t contravene at all.

Simon restyles the dear old suit, you won’t find it boring or ordinary anymore. Jackets are cut in half, parts are missing or replaced by something else … I admit it is either you love it or you don’t, and I proudly stand on the first side 🙂  I love these outfits, with bold shapes and composition. I have a soft spot for the eleventh picture, in which we have a side of a blue coat with a simple t-shirt, and a mini skirt over it. It is very short on the left leg because it is hidden by the coat. Really cool. I like the outfit of the image 23 too. The coat is fastened letting the left shoulder bare and we can see the caraco underneath. The color scheme is rather simple, navy blue, red, white and grey. Actually each piece (or rather section) has its own shade, so is distinct. He chose classical colors but it is still very fun. I think the twin outfits are the most interesting. Indeed the two girls share only one suit. On the first example each side of the jacket is brought to the model’s chest. One arm, the one next to the collar, is bare. I really like the little pocket handkerchief, that’s a nice detail, showing how this large blazer was borrowed from menswear and fitted to the girls’ frame. The second twins are even better : there’s no symmetry this time. One wears the jacket, the other the trousers (literally :p). The originality lies in the small bustier, made with the cut sleeves of the blazer. Clever.


Yesterday landed a series of pictures from the house Cacharel. I took a peek because I was curious to see the artistic direction of the brand, and I was pleased with what I saw.

Probably the prettiest blouses of this Fashion Month don’t you think 🙂 ? Jeunes filles en fleurs embody the spirit of Cacharel for summer, romantic, light and sweet. Flowers prints on nude hues or black, flowing fabrics, high collars, discreet pleats are part of the wardrobe. I think the vegetal designs are truly beautiful. Each has a different style. In the first picture they remind me of watercolors with cold hues, while they look more detailed and graphic on the fifth. They are associated with high waisted shorts and skater skirts. Flowers adorn the coat too, but they still look discreet. Of course the setting highlights the ethereal atmosphere and I think it is perfect for Cacharel. Feels like home …


Last one for this post is Lemaire. As you can imagine I was eager to see what Sarah-Linh Tran and Christophe had prepared for us.

They stay true to their clean aesthetic and layering. Long blouses and coats are at the heart of the show. The A-line is beautiful and I like the pleats on the chest of the first garment. You can style it as a simple dress or as a tunic with trousers underneath. They choose wide legs pants of course and I think the result is nice. The fifth outfit has an interesting composition, with an off shoulders white blouse and high waisted trousers. There were some coats too. I love the navy blue one, the fastening is not quite in the middle and the collar hides the base of the neck. These details are definitely chic. The next is more classical with a V-neckline and has a belt. As for the colors, they are neutral. Black, navy blue, white and beige are expected, and once again they have picked a soft hue of beige-khaki I like a lot. They often use the shade of blue Hedvig wears in the ninth picture too. Even though monochromic pieces are abundant, finding a printed outfit in their spring collections is not rare, and here it is a vivid red and blue vegetal print, boosting the whole show. Nice job 🙂

See you in some hours for the next part of my favorites 😉





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