Paris Fashion Week SS 2016 part II

The second part of PFW is ready guys 🙂

Cédric Charlier

Yesterday, I had the chance to enter the Cédric Charlier show with a friend (the “standing” file guys, worth giving a try 😉 !). As I am a fan, I was super excited to attend and enjoy his presentation.

Actually there were many things in this collection so it’s hard to describe, but we really recognize his signature. He likes oversize cuts : indeed the clothes are rather large, blouses tend to fall over the hips (the last one is the best example). However the first outfits are belted at the waist. It gives a structure to the whole look, we can read the silhouette of the models. Kimono sleeves show the Asian inspiration, it functions well on this kind of simple white top. The blue dress is similar in the shape. Charlier explores cleaner lines with the pink dress. The flowing fabric is not disturbed by any tie. I love the deep V-neckline with the pussy bow and the calf-lenght is perfect I think 🙂 The previous dress is nice too, totally basic with a nice salmon pink hue and the stylist has added the famous sweater worn on the hips to complete the look. Same goes for the dress 24, I like the original wavy stripes he has chosen. Talking about this, the palette is quite large : several shades of pink, orange, blue, white of course, but my favorite is defintely this dark green. Probably the new black for me 🙂 I must say I fell in love with the bustier dress as soon as the model steped onto the runway. The next outfit is more like masculin/feminin, a bit adventurer and super chic at the same time. A collection to shop as soon as possible !

The Row

The Olsen sisters took The Row to Paris for Spring 2016. The presentation took place in a peaceful garden before the eyes of some privileged insiders.

Many will say it is not innovative but I have to disagree. Even if we can identify the brand without any problem, I think the creative team has reinvented it. I detect more confidence and boldness in its choices, long tunics become shorter and necklines lower to show some skin. Not that I don’t like the oversize head to toe, quite the opposite. I adore the first look, the model seems wrapped into a light, bright blanket and I love that. The statement also applies to the ninth image, we’ve already seen this kind of large cape, to hold with your hands. The two black suits below are amazing, incredible cut making them very original. But I admit I am a fan of the crop knitwear top ^^ The classical black trousers keep the whole thing very chic. We have the same kind of bottom in the nineteenth picture, this time paired with a wrap blouse which has a vertiginous décolleté. It doesn’t disturb me at all I even find the result very classy. The outfit if the picture 27 seems a cool option for a summer wardrobe, but my favorite piece is the see-through dress, truly stunning. Her pleats make me think about le flou de Chloé, remember ? Exactly what I want to wear for summer (granny pants included) 😀 .


I was expecting a lot from the Rochas show. Actually I took an interest in their clothing line recently, maybe two years ago.

I love the direction the brand takes with Alessandro Dell’Acqua at its head. I find it feminine, fresh and ultra stylish. The show began with luxurious fabrics. You can see floral designs made with colorful prints and shimmery threads. Coat and skirt are matching, actually I don’t think it is too much but very fun (and chic of course 🙂 ) ! The next mint dresses are everything. I like this color a lot. The first is a slip dress with lace bows, whereas the other is see-through and has long sleeves. It is adorned with cute lace details and faded vegetal patterns, in a very refined way. Then we have embroidered garments. They bring light and originality. I love the result on the black dress, awesome ! Even if many colors are in the spotlight, they cannot overshadow white. I have a preference for the eleventh outfit. The lace frills are a nice idea and the usual discreet plumetis is updated and turned into big dots. Jewels are major elements. Placed around the neck, they catch our attention so we tend to focus on the girls’ face. We end the show with Lineisy and her heavy brocade coat. It’s been a long time I haven’t seen such an ornament, and I am glad I have today :p Great piece, really. Just a word about the shoes : they are amazing, delicate and chic and funny at the same time 😉

Here it is ! I absolutely wanted to post this before going to bed. Indeed tomorrow is going to be a extremely busy day, and I’m not sure I will be able to write another one in time.

But don’t worry the blog will be updated 😉




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