Highlight : Dior’s floral invite

Hi readers !

Dior is one of the biggest show at Paris Fashion Week, and certainly the most anticipated. In order to stand out and maintain a luxury image, it has to be ultra creative.

That’s why, for the SS 2016 show, a “floral mountain” has been built at the center of the Cour carrée du Louvre.

Hundred thousands blue Delphinium flowers were used to decorate the outside and the interior of the structure. You can get a glimpse at the process here :

The collection was nice I think. Mainly white, black and blue were the garments, with delicate shapes and scalloped edges. Suits are typical Dior, feminine and classy.

Even if fashion shows exist to present clothes, we cannot ignore the whole setting and atmosphere, music which accompany them. After all the term “show” is important, in many cases we can get closer to the artistic performance than a simple presentation.

Enjoy this amazing floral mountain and see you soon 🙂




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